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'cuz my heart might explode

8 May 1995
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I don't let 'em talk;♥
The name is Sara.♥.14.May.Italy.♡Friends&Family.♪ Music.ShopaholicShopping.Zumba.Taylor Swift.Kelly Clarkson.Britney Spears.Weird.Random.Reader.Vampires.♥ Twilight&The Vampire Diaries.

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I'm a kind person,so If you'd like to know me,just contact me here: kiss.therain@live.it ♡ Now let's write some things randomness:
Titanic.Leonardo Di Caprio. Kate Wisnlet.Kristen Dunst.
Jensen Ackles
.Jared Hot Padalecki.Beyonce.The Luxe.13 R3asons Why.Harry Potter.Prom nights from hell.Damon Salvatore.Stefan Salvatore.Elena Gilbert.♥ Ian Somerhalder.Nina Dobrev.♥ Paul Wesley.

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